Tracker Alarm runaway alarm for control Helicopters, multi-rotor, Cars,Remote control aircraft

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Product Description

Operating voltage range: 5.2 ~ 26V DC, 2 ~ 6Cells LiPo

Static power consumption: 10mA

Maximum operating current: 120mA (LED flashes and beeps when)

Input voltage cutoff setting: 3.4 ~ 3.7V / cell (red LED indicator)

Double buzzer, 85db + 85db

Super bright blue 5050 LED, 20 lumens, 0.2w

Size and Weight: 20x30x6mm, 7g

1. Power display function (F1)

2 ~ 6S LiPo can monitor the use of real-time total voltage, voltage drops off once the set value, the alarm is triggered. Voltage cut-off value can be set range: 3.4V ~ 3.7V / Cell


1.1 When the access LiPo battery, if the total voltage of the battery pack in the following ranges, triple the battery pack will automatically determine the number of cells.


7.4 ~ 8.6V: 2cells LiPo

11.1 ~ 12.9V: 3cells LiPo

14.8 ~ 17.2V: 4cells LiPo

18.5 ~ 21.5V: 5cells LiPo

22.2 ~ 25.8V: 6cells LiPo

Triple will be uttered "Be", and the red LED will light up, indicating saved before the cut-off voltage.


Press the button for 3 seconds to enter the cut-off voltage value

Press the button to select the appropriate cut-off voltage values (red LED indicator) in the 3.4 ~ 3.7V

No keystrokes, automatically within 10 seconds to save the current values and exit

LiPo battery in the discharge process, real-time monitoring will triple the total voltage of the battery pack.


If the total voltage below the "cut-off value × number of units" will trigger an alarm, the blue LED flashes, buzzer continuous "Be..Be..Be..Be ...."

If the total voltage to rise above the "cut-off value × number of units" alarm pause.

1.2 When the access LiPo battery, if the voltage of the battery pack outside the above range. Triple prompts "Be..Be..Be" and 4 red LED full off, check this battery voltage is too low is not suitable continue to use.


2. The tracker function (F2)


Simply put triple distribution of a Y cable into the Aux channel receiver (such as Gear) can be.

Regardless toggle channel switch to any direction, the buzzer will be called pentatonic "BeBeBeBeBe", and accompanied by a blue LED flashes.


This feature must require the signal receiver, human initiative triggered alarm.

3. runaway alarm function (F3)


First open the transmitter, the triple with Y cable to the throttle channel of the receiver, then the receiver power.


This alarm is a passive alarm function, the receiver is powered down state, in the following cases would automatically trigger an alarm:


First off the transmitter does not open within a minute, the receiver does not receive a signal, it will trigger an alarm.

When the transmitter is opened within a minute rocker motion is not detected, or there is no signal change, it will trigger an alarm.

Alarm for sustained "BeBe ... BeBe ... BeBe ..." and accompanied by a blue LED flashes.


After the alarm is triggered, as the receiver gets the change number will be automatically removed.


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